The Symbiosis of Integrated Expertise


Our mission is to use innovative technologies and apply the best business practices, with the aim of optimizing your processes from creation to operations.


Innovation, your satisfaction, respect for our commitments, and civic responsibility—these are the focus of our values.


Talented and enthusiastic individuals: At ACCESS LEADER GROUP, where a multidisciplinary approach is a must, we create sustainable and efficient technological solutions that will support your business’s development, increase your return on investment, boost your innovative processes, and enhance your strategic position.


ACCESS LEADER GROUP uses a comprehensive and integrated multidisciplinary approach, based on business intelligence and innovation.


We are committed to:

  • Giving you personalized advice and cutting-edge technological expertise
  • Helping you reach your goals while respecting the set budget and timeline
  • Supporting you throughout your projects’ development and your business’s growth

Advisory Services

We adapt to the latest trends to offer personalized and appropriate service,
based on our comprehensive knowledge and long-term commitment

All of the following advantages are available across our complete service offering, through our Advisory Services Division:


  • Project management
  • Strategic planning
  • Information architecture and management
  • Redesigning business processes
  • Company transformation
  • Management of cultural change and adaptation
  • Export diagnostics
  • International business development


  • Marketing strategies and action plans
  • Branding
  • Packaging design
  • Graphic and concept design
  • Production of multimedia content
  • Research and business intelligence
  • Interactive communications
  • Advertising campaigns and marketing support
  • E-mail and SMS marketing
  • Management and production of print campaigns
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Customer relations management


  • Online reputation and Web analytics
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media
  • Community management
  • User experience
  • SMS service
  • Virtual reality
  • Adaptive Web design
  • Big data
  • Geolocation
  • Home automation
The experts in the Advisory Services Division at ACCESS LEADER GROUP wisely guided us in obtaining a true portrait of our target customer segmentation on Manhattan Island and understanding their consumption patterns during their holiday shopping, all while increasing our retention and conversion rates.
We chose to use ACCESS LEADER GROUP’s services with the aim of performing quantitative research and a comparative analysis of the impact of choice of packaging and labelling on the buying process in gourmet food stores in Montreal and New York.
We worked in close collaboration with the team at ACCESS LEADER GROUP to develop the right communications approach to effectively reach our marketing goals during our participation at the SIAL–Toronto and at the Summer Fancy Food Show in Washington, DC.
Collaborating with talented experts like Alexandre and Jacynthe allowed us to maintain our position at the forefront by analyzing the performance of our Web-based systems, our online reputation, and those of our competitors.
We entrusted ACCESS LEADER GROUP with the responsibility of improving the management processes of our different sales outlets for floors and staircases, while generalizing the best customer experience practices, with the aim of gaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

Integrated Systems

Designing and deploying innovative solutions that meet your goals,
engage your clients, and make your brand more accessible to all!

Our advisors and managers will support you during your decision-making process in choosing the technologies that best meet your expectations. They will guide and assist you on the solutions and technologies to employ, while respecting your independence.

This knowledge will enable you to increase the performance of your business processes and optimize the use of new technologies while amplifying your return on investment.

  • Programming
    and integration
  • Electronic commerce
    and transaction systems
  • Technological
  • Geolocation
  • Support
    and maintenance
  • Developing integrated
    Web solutions
  • Mobile
  • Upgrading
    existing systems
  • Home
  • Infrastructure facilities
  • Customized development
    and implementation
  • Redesigning
    business processes
  • Delegated applications
  • Private hosting
    and administrative systems
  • Continuous
After opting for cloud computing, we naturally turned to the experts at ACCESS LEADER GROUP to ensure we implemented tools for regular synchronization of warehouse data from our different sales outlets, with working data. Using our data to help make decisions has never been as easy and intuitive as it is today.
We would like to convey our congratulations to all the members of Stéphane’s team for having deployed all their talents to ensure that the new set up was compatible with our invoice and inventory management modules while ensuring their operational effectiveness within the overall structure of our company.
We were successful in facilitating the management of our business processes and various hotel units while developing our own marketing network and acting as an external sales force.
The latest development technologies, provided by the Integrated Systems Division, gave us a competitive advantage and allowed us to adopt flexible solutions through personalized custom modules for our various subscribers, researchers, and clinicians.
We called upon the experts at ACCESS LEADER GROUP for an innovative and ambitious project. Today, we administer the components of our medical sales representatives management platform independently and dynamically, enabling better management of all reservations and online orders as well as increasing the optimization of our sales performance.

Business Intelligence

Dynamic solutions with strategic goals

Bringing together ideas, anticipation, and best practices, our Business Intelligence Division will help you access cognitive techniques combined with specialized expertise in predictive analysis technologies. Dedicated to proactively anticipating business risks, it also transforms information and data into clear decisions and rational actions that promote efficiency and growth.

We make data collection systems and advanced predictive analysis solutions available to you, which were previously very costly or even inaccessible for most small and medium sized businesses.

Audit of the competition
Management of potential clients
Location-based marketing
Data management
Descriptive statistics
Factor analysis
Rules of association
Documentary research
Creation and management of online surveys
Structural equation modelling

Our fields of application

  • Targeting
  • Loyalty
  • Add-on sales and cross-selling
  • Sales force efficiency
  • Offer personalization
  • Client relations
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Market studies
  • Cross-selling
  • Behavioural segmentation of loyalty card holders
  • Forecasting
  • Textual analysis of client contacts
  • Point-of-sale segmentation
  • Fraud detection
  • Sensory analysis
  • Quality control
  • Personalization of media content
  • Behavioural monitoring
  • Sociological monitoring
  • Image and reputation
  • Client and audience positioning
  • Readership studies
Since the end of 2010, the Business Intelligence Division team has enabled us to follow and anticipate buying habits to maximize the future worth of our clients, keep them as long as possible, and above all, retaining the most profitable among them.
We worked together on modelling a tool for the behavioural segmentation of loyalty card holders for all our travellers who had taken at least one overseas flight.
From the second week, we could already see the first results exceeded our expectations. The ‘Type’ view displays, in an interactive way, the data recorded or produced by the real-time selection method on the geographic distribution of our competitors, clients, and potential clients throughout the maritime provinces.
ACCESS LEADER GROUP has supported us since February 2010 with the aim of providing us with analysis tools on the usage of our various channels of communication, to use that which is best adapted to the profile of our French-speaking clients in Ontario.
At ACCESS LEADER GROUP, I found experts capable of listening and adapting to my needs. Our online survey management platform features a set of mathematical functions and methods that structure the data, analyze new indicators or aggregates, and effectively explore their characteristics and correlations.


Vast expertise, strong intuitive abilities,
and a range of multidisciplinary skills
to build a unique H2H relationship

Even before it’s considered an issue of human resources management, skills development is a vital question that aims to put your business’s goals and the skills of its resources into action.

The development of personalized improvement and learning processes and ongoing coaching and training plans remains a vital option that falls within the business development and organizational strengthening efforts that your business should ensure.

Through this division that embraces the basics of management in everyday life, ACCESS LEADER GROUP gives you cutting-edge expertise to improve your organization’s efficiency and to develop a versatile expertise that will ensure you are a strong competitor.

  • Made-to-measure training
  • Coaching and support
  • Professional efficiency
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Group activities
  • Sales team management
  • Recruitment
  • Skills assessments

ACCESS LEADER GROUP will guide you by implementing skills training and development programs adapted to the performance issues and goals set by senior management.

We retained ACCESS LEADER GROUP’s services to establish a consistent culture of ongoing improvement in our three branches, based on new pedagogical approaches and methods of learning.
Mélissa’s team continues to help us design custom learning paths adapted to the specific needs of our employees and the strategic vision of our company.
We entrusted the experts at ACCESS LEADER GROUP with implementing a strategic action plan that aims to strengthen cohesion and loyalty towards our company by increasing motivation and satisfaction at work.
Success! Today, thanks to the support of ACCESS LEADER GROUP’s Training Division, we continue to encourage our employees in regards to their potential, expressing their creativity, harnessing their motivation, strengthening their cohesion, and helping them in their ongoing development.
My compliments to the team at ACCESS LEADER GROUP for its dedication in the implementation of solutions for enhancement and innovation with the aim of planning a process of continuous change that will ensure an exchange of skills and learning through a post-training plan.


Put the odds in your favour

We define ourselves through pursuit of perfection and attention to detail to offer you solutions, inspired by creativity and originality, which meet the strategic goals of your vision.

Online reputation with ease.
All kinds of paper printing, variable data printing, mailing, and printing of promotional materials and advertising.
For rapid deployment and development that follows the evolution of your hosting and cloud computing needs.
Collection and quantitative analysis of data with highly advanced functions for managing your online surveys.
A blend of simplicity and efficiency for your e-mail marketing campaigns.
Our applications framework for developing and integrating the majority of our Web solutions, applications, and systems.
Advanced features for all types of projects and SMS marketing campaigns.
Our in-house platform, specifically dedicated to project management and online collaboration.

Do you have an idea, a project?
We will be proud to work with you!


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Our solutions are designed for you.


For continuity of service, we ensure we’ll be available to you according to a variety of schedules.


Our analytical and visionary approach, always focused, gives us better foresight.


Your goals are important to us, and your brand will be consistent in each project carried out.


Thanks to our rigorous processes, you won’t have any unpleasant surprises in terms of your timeline or budget.

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