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ACCESS LEADER GROUP takes a multidisciplinary, global and integrated approach, focusing on business intelligence and innovation. From functional analysis to return on investment, from integrated SAAS systems to white-label solutions, ACCESS LEADER GROUP will advise, convince and support you in the realization of your projects.
ACCESS LEADER GROUP is the partner you need!
Experience - Access Leader Group
+12 YEARS of fulfillment
Client - Access Leader Group
99% direct clients
Delivery days/men
+35k D/Hdelivered
Clients served - Access Leader Group
+520clients served
Multi-skilled consultants
+65multi-skilled consultants
Multidisciplinary skills
10multidisciplinary skills
Continents and time zones - Access Leader Group
3continents / time zones
Investment in R&D
27% REVinvested in R&D


As a leading system integrator and consultant with a comprehensive portfolio of services, we offer the best solutions for a wide range of industries.
Aerospace - Access Leader Group
Agroéquipement, services agricultures - Access Leader Group
Agricultural equipment
Robotics - Access Leader Group
Advanced robotics
Agribusiness - Access Leader Group
Medical Technology - ALG - Access Leader Group
Medical technology
Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology - ALG - Access Leader Group
Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology
Natural Resources - Access Leader Group
Natural resources
Clean technologies
Energy - Access Leader Group- ALG
Mining and minerals
Mining and minerals
Artificial intelligence - Access Leader Group - ALG
Artificial intelligence
Cybersecurity - Access Leader Group - ALG
Digital media and interactive entertainment
Digital media and interactive entertainment
Telecommunications technologies - Access Leader Group - ALG
Telecommunications technologies
Finance and insurance - ALG - Access Leader Group
Finance and insurance
Commerce - ALG -  Access Leader Group
Wholesale and retail trade
Transport and logistics - Access Leader Group - ALG
Transport and logistics
Services and Public Safety - ALG -  Access Leader Group
Services and public safety
Construction and building - Access Leader Group - ALG
Construction and building
Art and events - ALG - Access Leader Group
Art and events
Luxury and fashion - ALG - Access Leader Group
Luxury and fashion
Tourism and hospitality -ALG - Access Leader Group
Tourism and hospitality
Education and Professional Services - Access Leader Group
Education and professional services
Superclusters - ALG - Access Leader Group
The super clusters


At ACCESS LEADER GROUP, we see digital transformation and organizational development not as they are, but as they ought to be. We act with integrity and courage towards our clients and partners. Our unique positioning is the source of our leadership in a world where business process re-engineering needs are constantly evolving.
Approach - Access Leader Group
Immersion phase - Access Leader Group
Deployment and operation phase - ACCESS LEADER GROUP
Accompaniment and optimization phase - Access Leader Group


To build a successful and sustainable innovation culture, start by analyzing your current situation. What are the real issues? What are the key drivers of change? How can you create an environment that will support innovation?
The first step is to perform an analysis and audit of the existing situation. This will help us to better understand your context and identify the areas in need of transformation.


The implementation of integrated systems and emerging technologies is a process that requires a great deal of support and guidance. It is important to be managed by people who have the knowledge, skills, and experience to do so. This phase will cover the optimal and appropriate way in which these systems should be implemented and configured in an operational environment. The first step in designing a deployment plan is to understand what you are trying to accomplish with your deployment. Do you want to reduce the cost of ownership? Improve performance? Reduce infrastructure management complexity? You need to identify these goals, then make sure you have the right plan to help you achieve them.

Deployment & operation

Custom or universal deployment should faithfully comply with your governance, security rules, and recommendations, as a necessary choice for the ambitious guideline of any structural and functional transformation.
The implementation and configuration process must be in collaboration with the people involved in the process, as well as those who will be using it. The most important thing is to clearly define what we are going to do, to ensure that everyone involved knows their role and how they will contribute.

Support and optimization

Coaching is the process of adapting and orienting to a new solution. It is about accompanying actors and beneficiaries in the integration of new technologies and new processes while ensuring that they are satisfied.
It is important to consider the cultural aspects of each stakeholder when designing a coaching strategy. That means that we need to understand what motivates people, their expectations, and their values.


We define ourselves through the pursuit of perfection and attention to detail to present you with solutions, inspired by creativity and originality, that meet the strategic ambitions of your vision.
Collaboration and sharing platform, Access collab docs - Groupe Accès Leader
A document sharing and collaboration platform that simplifies the secure storage and dynamic management of important business and legal documents.
Online project management and collaboration tool - ACCESS COLLAB - ALG
Our dedicated platform to online project management and collaboration. It allows different collaborators to track progress, share comments, work together on documents and integrate with third-party tools.
Project management tool - Access collab mockups - ALG
An all-in-one project management, visual collaboration and interactive mockup tool. Upload your designs and collaborate with your teams and partners to deliver the best possible customer experience.
Create specifications, estimate projects and sign contracts with your team members and business partners in just a few steps.
Clic Form
For the management of your online surveys, data collection and quantitative analysis with very advanced functions.
Our application framework underpins the development and integration of the majority of our solutions, applications and web systems.
Online Reputation - Leaders Analytics - ALG
Leaders Analytics is a system of digital performance analysis, based on the intervention of ICT experts and an unparalleled algorithm that holds its relevance from scientific research and rigorous process.
Leaders CRM
A powerful CRM for sales and service teams. Quickly capture leads, identify opportunities, connect with the right people, manage the pipeline, track conversations, and provide exceptional customer service.
Leaders Hosting
For rapid deployment and operations that keep pace with your hosting and cloud needs.
Leader SMS
Advanced features for any type of project and any SMS marketing campaign.
Mailing Leader
A combination of simplicity and efficiency for your email marketing campaigns.
Pixels Print
All kinds of paper printing, variable data printing, direct mail and printing on all types of promotional and exhibition materials.
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Five good reasons to choose us

You have an idea, a project? We will be proud to work with you!


Made to measure

Our solutions are designed for you.


For service continuity, we assure you availability according to several time slots.


Our analytical and visionary approach, always targeted, gives us superior foresight.


Your objectives are important to us and your business brand will be consistent in each project.


With the power of our rigorous processes, you won't have any unpleasant surprises on your timeline or budget.

Five good reasons to choose us - Groupe Accès Leader


Our clients are passionate about their business. They are dedicated to the success and are not afraid of challenges. They believe in the power of business - and they know we can help them reach their full potential.

We offer a range of outsourcing services that help our clients and partners get and stay ahead. They are passionate about their work and rely on us to provide everything they need to meet the toughest challenges.


Our suppliers are reliable and recognized in their respective fields of expertise. They provide us with the products and services they know best and support us by giving us access to specialized resources well aligned with our strategic challenges.

Technology partners

To accompany you through your various fields of activity, we can count on several technological partners who are an integral part of our teams. They are a great help in any project you may have, and their support is the key to success. We work closely with them to provide you with customized solutions that meet the needs of your business and your customers.
  • Amazon
  • Leaseweb
  • Postes Canada

Community involvement

We are not just a company with an impersonal list of skills. We are passionate about the success of our community work and driven by the breadth of our charitable commitment. Nonprofit organizations have limited resources and high costs, making it difficult to provide social and economic assistance to communities in need. We help these organizations make the world a better, safer and more equitable place.
  • Canadian Red Cross
    Fondation Expo67
    The Canadian Children's Foundation
    Moisson Montreal
  • Penny Appeal
    Canadian Cancer Society logo
    United Nations Foundation
    Fondation cancer du sein du Québec
  • Armée du salut
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