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Word of mouth has always been a key factor in the success of a business. This is even more true in the age of online reviews and rankings where your customers can be your best ambassadors or your worst detractors. This is a new challenge for executives who need to optimize their digital performance and strengthen their company's reputation.

Managing your online reputation means keeping in mind the potential damage caused by scandals and personal or corporate brand degradation from unverified content on the web. Digital performance management, as a form of engagement for a company, relies on monitoring what can be both positive and negative about that company, mitigating in the early stages when it becomes an issue to prevent slander and violation.

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Online reputation and web analytics

Digital performance and web analytics

Online reputation is what forges the image of your brand on the Internet through the opinions, comments, or remarks made by users. A careful study is required to keep your reputation always positive. Our job will be to always keep an eye on your reputation on a daily basis.

Community management

The management of your communities depends above all on what your pages on social networks generate.
This can be responses to comments or private messages regarding products or services, a location, or a contact request. Our teams take over this long and laborious management.
Community management
User experience

User experience

The user experience is the definition of the emotion felt when a post is published on a page of your social network. Its path must be perfectly analyzed for a better interaction with the product or the service put forward.
Everything is based on this emotion, it will push the prospect to become a customer.

Marketing campaigns

The management of a marketing campaign requires knowledge based on the objectives and purpose of the products or services while knowing exactly the target and the persona it addresses. We accompany you and implement the best strategies for the greatest success of your brand.
Marketing campaigns
Contests and draws

Contests and draws

We take the time to understand the objective of your contest and we adapt the whole setup of your games according to your expectations. We pay particular attention to the legislation to offer you a contest or a draw in the rules to satisfy your community.
Collaborating with talented experts like Alexandre and Jacynthe allowed us to maintain our position at the forefront by analyzing the performance of our Web-based systems, our online reputation, and those of our competitors.


Online reputation and Web analytics
At reputation online ACCESS LEADER GROUP, I have found experts who listen and adapt to my needs. Our online survey management platform contains a set of mathematical methods and features that structure data, analyze new indicators or aggregates, and efficiently explore their characteristics and links


Creation and management of online surveys and polls
From the second week, we could already see that the first results exceeded our expectations. The ‘Type’ view displays, in an interactive way, the data recorded or produced by the real-time selection method on the geographic distribution of our competitors, clients, and potential clients throughout the maritime provinces.


Audit of the competition and management of potential clients
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Taking Action

If you are not satisfied with the way search engines present your business online, we can help you.
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